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Setting up an e-mail account is as easy as pie, thanks to this handy cut 'n' keep set up guide for Outlook users.

There are FIVE screens to complete.

Firstly, open up Outlook, move your mouse over the TOOLS option. A drop down menu will appear, and click on ACCOUNTS.

Making sure the MAIL tab on the left is highlighted, click on the ADD button.

Then click on the MAIL option.

The next screen allows us to enter the name that will appear on our e-mails that we send to people.

This has nothing to do with the physical e-mail account that we are setting up.

You could put John Smith, JSmith or CEO.

When people receive your e-mails, this is the name that they will see in the INBOX.



A representative of Kaboom Hosting or perhaps someone in your company will have assigned you an e-mail account.

This now needs to be entered into this screen.

Example: [email protected]



Just two more screens to go now and then we will be done.

This next screen tells your computer to go to the Kaboom Hosting's servers to retrieve e-mail. In order to do that, we must tell the name of the server that your computer must go to.

A server is just another computer that handles e-mail and web hosting.

Sometimes, incoming e-mail and outgoing e-mail is handled by two different servers, so we have to enter two server names.

Incoming Mail
enter: mail.yourdomainname.com

Outgoing Mail
enter: mail.yourdomainname.com



Now we have told your computer to go to the Kaboom e-mail server, we now need to tell it which particular e-mail account to access.

A representative of Kaboom Hosting or someone in your company will have assigned you an e-mail account. It is at this screen that we enter that information.

Account Name (or Login) is your new e-mail address.
Your Password will be assigned to you by Kaboom.



Pour yourself a glass of lightly chilled celebratory drink.


You will then see details of the new e-mail account you have just entered.


CLOSE this and you are done.

It is sometimes best to test your new e-mail account to make sure that everything works, so go ahead and simply send yourself an e-mail.

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